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MyCQ® Pro: Understanding My Cultural Intelligence & Cultural Values


MyCQ® Pro: Understanding My Cultural Intelligence & Cultural Values

$120 Per Additional Seat
1 Seat(s) Included

Prerequisite: CQ Pro Assessment

MyCQ Pro is an engaging and convenient two-hour course that draws on the results of the CQ Pro Assessment and dives into Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and cultural values.

This course uses real-world examples of culturally diverse situations to help you develop winning strategies for strengthening your cultural intelligence.

You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • What do my CQ scores mean? How can I improve?
  • How do I compare with individuals worldwide?
  • How do I leverage my cultural intelligence in the real-world?

This course also gives you a deep understanding of your cultural value preferences and how they influence your approach to life and work. It includes engaging exercises and examples to promote awareness and agility around cultural values.

All humans have Cultural Values that they learn starting in childhood. Understanding your cultural values and learning about other cultural values is essential to improving your cultural intelligence. Your cultural values influence how you interact, communicate, plan, and execute tasks.


Learning Objectives:

Cultural Intelligence

  • Learn what Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is and why it matters
  • Learn how to interpret, improve, and leverage your CQ
  • Understand the critical components of cultural intelligence and develop a personalized CQ action plan to improve your CQ
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to improve their capability to work more effectively in culturally diverse situations
  • Understand how your scores compare to worldwide norms


Cultural Values

  • Learn about culture, ten cultural value preferences, and the ten largest cultural clusters around the world
  • Learn tips for working with individuals who have different preferences
  • Discover your orientation on ten cultural values and their impact on how you live and work
  • Deep understanding of ten cultural values that differ significantly between nationalities, ethnicities, religions, age groups, and other demographic classes.
  • Self-awareness to form better connections, communication skills, and confidence around individuals with different cultural values.


Your Participants Will Receive:

An invitation to complete the online course and lifetime access.

  • MyCQ Pro: Understanding My Cultural Intelligence & Cultural Values Online Course


Language Availability:

  • The MyCQ Pro Online Course is available in only English.

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