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Cultural Intelligence for Law Enforcement


Cultural Intelligence for Law Enforcement

$94 Per Additional Seat
10 Seat(s) Included

Culturally intelligent law enforcement professionals take actions that accommodate the cultural context of their interactions with the diverse communities they serve, and they are expected to exhibit Cultural Intelligence (CQ) skills while engaging with people of different backgrounds and cultures, particularly during conflict management.

Rise above the traditional approaches to diversity, inclusion, and bias and provide your law enforcement professionals with a set of strategic tools to manage bias through the lens of CQ.

The bundle includes a group report, a CQ Pro Assessment tailored for law enforcement professionals, and CQ for Effective Policing E-Learning.


Bundle Overview

  1. Group Report: A report summarizing the aggregate CQ Assessment or Cultural Values Profile results of participants. There is a 10-person minimum to pull the report. The purchase of this package will provide you with access to one group report for your selected program.


  1. CQ Pro Assessment: The CQ Assessment measures an individual’s capability for working and relating across cultures. This tool is designed to assess the four factors and 13 sub-dimensions of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as well as individual cultural value orientations. Personalized feedback reports compare CQ scores with the worldwide norms and include a personalized development plan.

Participant Feedback Reports include:

    • Self-Ratings & Norms for the 4 CQ Capabilities
    • Self-Ratings & Norms for the 13 CQ Sub-dimensions
    • Development & Action Plan
    • Personal Cultural Value Preferences


  1. CQ for Effective Policing e-learning: E-learning containing 6 modules on using CQ to recognize and manage bias, directed at law enforcement professionals (policing, investigations, public safety, and related functions) globally. The course includes definitions and examples of bias, pre- and post-training reflection questions to identify learning, scenarios, and downloadable resources.



  • Understand different types of bias
  • Practice ways to use cultural intelligence to manage those biases
  • Respond in a culturally intelligent manner when personally subjected to bias


Projected Outcomes‌

  • Maintain positive relationships with the community
  • Improve the decision-making process
  • Build trust and effective communication
  • Use creative problem solving and conflict mitigation methods
  • Acquire a personal sense of well-being



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It all starts with the CQ Assessment. We use the results of your CQ Assessment to tailor the Digital Courses based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

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